Top five men’s designer suits 2016

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This year is a year of fashion. The fashion has opened its gate not only for the ladies, but their gents as well. From men’s hairstyle to men’s dressing style – there is simply no looking back. To all the men who are high on fashion and latest trends – if you are figuring out which look to pull off during your dinner date or your wedding or any other special occasion of your life, take a cue from these top five men’s designer suits 2016.

Single Breasted Suit: the classic of all the men’s designer suits 2016

single breasted suit with waistcoat

Designer suits for men have varied in course of time. From one fashion to another, the trends and dressing style changes with time. The single breasted suit has always remained constant in this fashion spree. This suit consists of only one set of buttons as well as button holes. This one can serve you as the best pick for a dinner date. You can pair it with a waistcoat too. Single breasted suit is one of the most classic men’s designer suits 2016.

Checkered Suit:


The checkered suit is considered an all time favorite suit of most of the men. This suit is considered as one of the best men’s designer suits 2016. To don the look of the checkered suit at the best, we suggest you to pick the shades of blues and grays along with bold checkered.

Mandarin Suit:


The Mandarin Suit is royal and classy. This suit is serving as one of the most stylish men’s designer suits 2016. Many famous designers have already released their creations of Mandarin Suit on a global level. The Nehru collar makes your man look all the more sophisticated and elegant. Those who are blessed with a lean body, this one is the best pick for you.

Lounge Suit: –

men’s designer suits

You can wear it on a casual day-out or at any formal occasion. The lounge suits are one of the most popular men’s designer suits 2016. You can also look for these suits as the men’s suit design online is creating a great buzz these days. Many famous designers have released their clothing online before releasing the same in their stores. Linen suit is always a great choice for your lounge suits. You can pair the same with a tie.

Tuxedo: –


The best of the men’s designer suits 2016 that never goes out of fashion is the tuxedo. These suits are ultra-formal and classy. Many big Hollywood stars are often seen flaunting their tuxedos on the red carpet of Oscars and Cannes. You can style your tuxedo for a ceremonial event. The traditional black tuxedo is never out of fashion.


Try these men’s designer suits 2016 to look dapper and classy. Thank us later if a girl asks you out for a date.