Top 5 Fashion Hacks that every girl should know

fashion hack

Fashion hacks are a big time savior. These hacks help to make the life easy and to save the girls from the biggest nightmare of fashion faux pass. These fashion hacks are useful in our daily fashion life. Thus, whatever is the problem, the fashion hacks come as a ray of hope to save the girls from various malfunctions and to keep them at par with fashion.

Best fashion hacks – Sweat Stains 

Sweat Stain

The stains of sweat on the clothes are very embarrassing. This also makes raising your hands in public very embarrassing. A majority of girls often suffer from this embarrassment of sweat stains. You can now get rid of such embarrassment. Using panty liners on the sleeves will stop the sweat stains on your armpits. The panty liners will soak all the sweat of the armpits. This is one of the most useful fashion hacks.

Oil Stains on purse:

Oil Stains on purse

Have you stopped carrying your favorite purse because of various oil stains on it? Worry not. The oil stains on the purse can be easily removed by the way of sprinkling baby powder on it. This is one of the most advantageous fashion hacks used by a majority of ladies. Coat the oil mark with baby powder and let it dry overnight. The stains should be gone by morning. These DIY hacks are easy to perform.


Fashion hacks

Denims are the most favorite outfit of majority of the girls. Your dear denims can be preserved for long now. One of the most useful hacks to prevent your denims from fading is adding half a cup of white vinegar into the wash and washing it during your laundry.

Unruly shirt collars:

unrully shirt collar

The unruly shirt collars are more than irritating for they spoil your look for bad. In order to get rid of the unruly shirt collars of your shirt, use your hair straightening rod. This is easy and one of the best fashion hacks that can be used by both girls. The boys can use it too.

Odor from clothes:

Odor from clothes

Do your clothes often smell bad of your sweat and body odor? Here is a help. Remove odor from your clothes by the way of spritzing them into a mixture of vodka and water. This hack is one of the most advantageous fashion hacks.