Girls love rough look of men

rough look

One thing that attracts the ladies towards men is the rough look. Rugged and rough man, dressed in rugged jeans, light beard, wearing jackets and leather shoes steal the show wherever they go. If you too, want to charm the ladies by sporting rough look, swear by these style tips and see the spell it casts.

Get the rough look by following the below ideas

There are a few styling tips that you need to master to get best rough look.  Dressing up smartly and confidently is the key.

Rugged jeans

Rugged jeans

Well, no price for guessing. The first piece of garment that you need to pick is a rugged jeans. You can buy rough look jeans online. The online world carries n number of options. Buy rugged jeans with proper fit but, do not mind holes, tears and wrinkles. These things are a part of roughness. One more thing that you should keep in mind is that never compromise on your comfort. Buy comfortable rugged jeans.


rough look

Buy the t shirts or shirts in earth- tones. Some staple features that you can look for are storm cuffs, flap pockets, snug- fitting collars.

The best print for a rough look is plaid. Complete the look with leather jacket.



Well blazers and rough man do not quite go hand in hand. But, a rough man can flaunt a blazer without losing his staple roughness. Opt for blazers in suede, plaid, tweeds and wool. These fabrics go well with the tag rough man.



A rough look is incomplete without leather shoes. Look for stylish but, comfortable leather shoes. Go for boots as they look absolute dapper and go well with the rough man look.

So now that you are dressed like a rough man, complete the look with a rough look haircut and you are good to go.

The most important thing is the attitude. If you are dress rugged but, fail to carry the right attitude, you would land nowhere. And also, never mistook attitude for arrogance. Remember, a rugged man is also a gentleman.