Don’t compromise on your taste buds while dieting; eat these good on taste healthy food


Obesity is dangerous. It is the root cause of many other diseases and health conditions. In spite of knowing this many obese people do not pay heed to their growing weight. Many who start off with    a great amount of zeal and confidence give in just some time. Who is to blame for this? The tasteless strict diet. They fed up of feeding on boiled food sans any taste. But, you can change this scenario. Diet does not necessarily mean tasteless food. The basic idea is to include healthy food in your meal plans. Trust me; an all protein diet can be finger- lickingly delicious.  All you need to do is to sensibly plan your diet chart and count on us for some delicious and healthy food options.

healthy food

Healthy food options

With these healthy food options foodies can eat until they satisfy their stomach. For breakfast you can take geek yoghurt fruit parfait or barley with banana and sunflower seeds. White bean and herb hummus with crudités is a tastier version of plain hummus. It is a fiber- rich and fat burning recipe. Quinoa is one weight loss food that you must include in your diet. It is loaded with protein and fiber. Pair it with fresh vegetables and black beans and sprinkle some fragrant spices and your healthy food for lunch is ready.

black bean chili

Spicy Southeastern black bean chili is a savory soup to include in your dinner. Italian garbanzo salad is also a super healthy food which is good for overall health.

 Best Healthy Food for sweet tooth

If you are a sweet tooth but, want some major weight loss, we have a good news for you. Here are some tasty but, healthy food recipes that you can munch on without having to worry about calorie count. If you have a liquid streak in you, spiced green tea smoothie is something that you should take. It is a well known fact that green tea is one of the best fat burning options.

chocolate- dipped banana bites

Start your day with this delicious and healthy drink. If you think that to curb obesity, you need to omit your favorite desserts from the diet, you are so wrong. Relish on this savory; chocolate- dipped banana bites. If you could get over chocolates try dark chocolate and oat cluster.