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5 summer nail paint shades in trend

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Nail colors are pretty, nail colors are sassy. The beautiful painted nails of a woman make her look all the more beautiful and presentable. The summer season is creating buzz everywhere and so are the summer fashion trends. Painting your nails with regular colors has become quite boring these days. It’s time to experiment with your nails; it’s time to look sassier. These are the following summer nail paint shades that you must apply in order to add that extra glam to your look.

Glittery and Dark Navy: Summer nail paint shades 

Glittery and Dark Navy

Navy is the color of the season. This has become one of the most widespread summer and spring nail polish colors. A number of brands have launched their nail paints in the glittery and dark navy shades. Navy is one of the hottest summer nail paint shades that you must give a try. Worn best on short and square nails, try these shades from different brands like Deborah Lippman, Whim, Essie, etc.

Warm/Opaque Beige:

Opaque Beige 2

One of the best summer nail paint shades is the warm and opaque beige. This color goes the best with trim and natural shaped nails. The warm and shiny tone of the opaque beige adds more oomph to the nails, thereby making your nails look all the more attractive. Buy the MAC Studio Nail Lacquer in Sweet Potion to add glam to your nails.

Charcoal Gray:

Charcoal Gray

This color is one of the best summer nail paint shades for all those women who like to keep it bold and strong. If you are tired of beiges and nudes, try this shade instead. This shade is one of the most talked about nail paint shades in fashion right now. Dark or charcoal gray goes best with round nails. Try it now to create a big and bold fashion statement.

Classic apple red:

Classic apple red

Reds are never out of fashion. The classic apple red is hot and sexy. This color is vibrant and feminine. You can wear the classic apple red in all seasons since this color is never out of trend. The biggest advantage of wearing red is that it goes well with all kinds of nails. This one is one of the most preferred summer nail paint shades.

Coral Reef:

Coral Reef summer nail paint shades

Coral is certainly the favorite nail color this season. This color is soothing and pretty. The feminine coral when applied to the nails lets the nails talk. This color is undoubtedly the best summer nail paint shade. Buy the O.P.I nail lacquer in the same shade to make your nails look the best.